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We're on a mission to give physicians their lives back by leveraging cutting edge technology to build, develop, and deliver digital tools that free them from their immense administrative burden and getting them back to their patients.

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The Physicians

We're building a physician companion that uses voice activation to automate the electronic medical record allowing physicians to complete their charting anytime, anywhere. 

Physicians can dictate patient charts, complete orders, review labs and diagnostics and even communicate the plan with other teams - all before leaving the patient's room 

Our software will be fully integrated with the Cerner and EPIC platforms - leaders in the electronic medical record system

The Hospitals

Millions of healthcare dollars are lost due to incomplete and delayed hospital records. This is primarily due to the burden placed on physicians to complete hospital charts in addition to their other patient responsibilities. 

Our company is designed for hospital charting and workflow to be completed in real-time leading to less delays and increased revenue. 

By choosing our company, hospitals are choosing their physicians too.

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