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A girl. The dream job. A better way.

I'm Sophia Khan-Makoid - Founder of Voythos. And I spent the better part of my 20s and 30s devoted to becoming a vascular surgeon. I am a year into my practice and I am already burned out. How is this possible? This is what I wanted. This is what I worked so hard for. This is my dream job. How did this happen?

Well, there's something the textbooks can't teach you: Medicine is inefficient. The electronic medical record is outdated. Physicians are tired. Hospitals are losing money. Patients are unhappy.

But there is a better way - and that is the vision of Voythos. Voythos is going to revolutionize the digital healthcare domain with voice activated automation. We are going to help get physicians back home in time for dinner, make sure patients don't feel lost in the process of understanding their healthcare and let hospitals spend healthcare dollars on things that matter - better patient outcomes.

So join us on this journey and check back in every now and again, email us, text us and we're so excited to keep you posted!

Love, Soph and the Voythos Team

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